Application fees - Home Affairs

The application fees payable to the Department of Home Affairs for processing applications vary. There is generally no processing fee for applications made by the spouse (see spouses + marriage-like relationships/life partnerships) of a South African citizen or a permanent residence holder.

Most other applications for a temporary residence permit or visa, or a permanent residence permit, carry a processing fee which, in South Africa, can vary from ZAR 425.00 to ZAR 1 520.00, depending on the type of permit the application is made for; or the equivalent amount if the application is submitted abroad.

These application fees are due on submission of the application at the Department of Home Affairs, and cannot be claimed back should an application not be approved by the authorities.

We will inform you of all external costs, including the relevant application fee(s) of your application(s), so that you are able to include these within your budget.